Flat Ice Cream

It’s sizzling in New York City these days. 89°, 103°, 95°, it doesn’t seem to matter what the thermometer reads, it’s all just hot pavement and thick, stuffy air around here. I’ve been noticing a lot of fallen ice creams on the streets of my neighborhood and have snapped a few with my cell phone. The ice cream cone above was flattened on the sidewalk – literally flat as a pancake – and had a partial footprint where someone had stepped on it. The orange puddle below was a melted mango kulfi (Indian ice-cream). Happy hot, Summer Saturday.

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4 Responses to Flat Ice Cream

  1. Gabrielle Rossmer says:

    I love these photos – food after transformation into roadkill.

  2. Don Gropman says:

    The flattened chocolate cone is emblamatic of hot summer days in the city, it captures the long ago and the here & now. The other two are found abstractions, beautiful & suggestive shapes that are the unintended byproducts of some kids’ accidents. Good eye!

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