Rumtopf: cherries & peaches

Since first describing the beginning of the rumtopf last month I have found a temporary home for the crock in the cool, dark basement of some guardian angels who live nearby. I will leave it over there until sometime in September, or whenever it cools down a bit, which at this rate is not happening anytime soon. It’s been hot, hot, hot around here of late. And humid.

Since last posting, I have added a couple of new layers of fruit. Strati. Fruit stripes. I added cherries a couple weeks back that I bought at the Union Square Farmer’s Market – both sweet red ones, as well as yellow ones which I believe were Rainier (the insides were solid yellow, though the exteriors were yellow blushed with red and pinky tones). They were delicious and it took great effort to resist eating each one as I pitted it and dropped it in the crock. Plunk. I love just about every aspect of cherries: the sound of their name, their colour, their texture, their taste! It’s funny, I know someone named Cherry Vanilla, as well as someone with the nickname Cherry Pie. Cherries everywhere.

I have also added peaches. Ripe, fuzzy peaches that are very yellow, very juicy and very tasty. I can’t wait to taste them in several months time when they’ve had a chance to soak up some of that rum and all the fruit juices have mingled. More rumtopf updates to follow anon.

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