Purple & Green; Making Lunch

My Grandmother Ida (more commonly known as Nana) knit baby blankets for all of her grandchildren. The blankets acquired a special moniker within the family: litty. She knit them in a zigzag stitch, mostly in bands of alternating colours. Mine, which I have safely tucked away in a closet, is a combination of orange, turquoise, green and off-white. Very mod. She also knit full-sized littys for the adults in the family and my parents had a huge, very colourful one, king-size I think. When I was a teenager, Nana decided to knit me an adult-sized litty and asked me what colours I’d like. I remember stating my preference for wool (as opposed to synthetic yarn) and then I declared that my colour choice was purple and green. I truthfully cannot recall what I was thinking – I can say for sure that I would not choose that combo again. Ever. But it is a beautiful blanket and I am glad that I still have it (though there are one or two moth holes that need to be mended). I haven’t used it in ages, but perhaps I’ll put it on my bed this winter.

A head of radicchio that was in my CSA box recently made me think about the purple and green combination.

As did the realization that something I prepare on a regular basis is also the same colour combination – the herbed potatoes that I frequently add to a lunch salad I bring to work. I often use red-skinned potatoes, which are actually a purpley colour.

Herbed Potatoes (This is not a recipe per se, but rather general instructions. Amounts are variable according to taste, though generally I figure on one potato per serving)

Scrub potatoes (preferably organic), leave unpeeled, cut into quarters and steam in a covered pot until tender when poked with a fork. Let cool slightly and transfer to a bowl. Either leave in quarters or cut into quarter-inch thick slices, as preferred. Add olive oil to coat, toss gently. Add salt and pepper to taste, finely chopped red onion and/or scallion and lots of finely chopped fresh herbs in whatever combination desired (for example, parsley, dill, cilantro, chives, etc). As an option, sometimes I add sliced black oil-cured olives. Or chopped hard-boiled egg. Or grated carrot. When all the ingredients have been added to the bowl, gently toss again. Taste. Add a splash of vinegar if it needs a bit of a punch. Eat. Or, keep in fridge and add to your lunch as called for. These potatoes taste lovely at room temperature, which is exactly what they will be by the time your lunch hour rolls around, making them an ideal thing to bring to work.

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2 Responses to Purple & Green; Making Lunch

  1. Ava Lazar says:

    I love your photographs! Soo cool and you reminded me this morning of how much I love soft boiled eggs. In fact, you inspired me to make one. I’ll have to try some of the other wonderful recipes later. :)

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