Visiting the Country: Vegetables & Chickens

My internet has been down since the middle of last week and I haven’t really minded (well, not too much). Perhaps I’m still  mellowed from the several days I spent up in the country last weekend. It’s amazing the effect a few simple things like sky, dirt, sweet-smelling air, dewy grass and chilly mornings can have on one’s psyche. And hanging out in a vegetable garden.

Virginia’s garden is filled with a variety of vegetables and 6 inquisitive chickens.

Tomatoes, tiny lettuces, basil, beans, flowers, squash and a whole lot of pink-stalked swiss chard – an entire mini forest of it.

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2 Responses to Visiting the Country: Vegetables & Chickens

  1. JOHN says:

    Peaceful and tranquil. The pictures take me back to hanging in the garden with my grandfather ( minus the chickens)

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