Sunny Gold

Eek…it’s mid-September! I think I was swallowed up the past few weeks by towels and sheets, but I’m back. Before I disappeared down the rabbit hole it was August – sunny and hot August. Golden light raking across the avenue under the elevated 7 train August. A tall sunflower growing in a postage stamp-sized front yard under a blue sky in Queens August.

Yellow tomato August.

Somewhere, sometime over the summer (I have no recollection of where or when it was), I came across a reference to parsley salad. I was intrigued and I intended to go back and read the recipe, but alas, I never got to it. And since I failed to make note or bookmark the site, well, it’s gone. But when I found myself with a bunch of flat leaf parsley and a box of sun gold cherry tomatoes in my CSA box, the idea popped back into my head. I coarsely chopped several handfuls of the parsley, topped it with several more handfuls of tomatoes that I’d cut into quarters (very light work with a handy tomato knife purchased at the
red hen baking company – a place to go for extraordinary bread in Middlesex, Vermont that also happens to sell a nice little tomato knife) and tossed it together with a few spoonfulls of walnut pesto.

It was a tasty little combination, but I’m still on the lookout for parsley salad…

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4 Responses to Sunny Gold

  1. GJR says:

    Well, tabouli is a kind of parsley salad.

  2. steve says:

    I love parsley and find it odd that it is often thought of as a “lesser” herb… not a star like basil, rosemary, or cilantro. To me, it’s as much a part of summer as fresh corn and vine ripe tomatoes.

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