Rumtopf: Pears + Apples

Autumn in New York City. I hadn’t added anything to the rumtopf in quite some time, so yesterday I put in the first batch of Fall fruit, with more to follow soon. Boy, is this stuff strong! The cloud of alcohol and fruit aroma that arose upon my lifting the lid was so powerful it practically knocked me off my feet. But my oh my, it does smell good! Before dropping it into the pot, each addition needs to be mixed with sugar and then allowed to macerate for a while in its melted sugary bath. This helps along the fermentation process.

At first glance these fruits sort of look like potatoes with their pale slices and dark skins (especially the bosc pears). They are lily-white in comparison to the fruits that have been soaking for weeks and months and have taken on the reddish/brown hue of the dark rum and juice.

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4 Responses to Rumtopf: Pears + Apples

  1. Wow this looks really amazing, Sonya. Thanks. Is it really strong?

    • sonya says:

      thanks, David. Um, yeah… it’s strong. Very. Strong. But quite yummy.
      You’ve never had it in Germany? Hey what are you doing up right now?

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