Boiled Egg + Bitter Greens

It’s been a brutal week. I’ve been working on a challenging job up on a scaffold that has left me physically exhausted, sore, callused+ blistered and very sleepy. Appropriate, I suppose, for the coming darkness when the clocks turn back tomorrow – or rather, today. Yikes. It’s definitely not my favorite day of the year. To combat the fatigue and savor a bit of so-called nursery food, I had a boiled egg this morning. I almost called it a soft-boiled egg, but I think it’s more apt to call it a “medium” egg, since the white is decidedly not runny and the yolk, while soft, is just a teensy bit set around the edges. I love boiled eggs – they are cheery in their bright yellow and white colour combo and they pack protein and comfort in their shells. I had mine today with a slice of flat, dark bread toasted and buttered.

6-Minute Egg:

Allow an egg to come to room temperature for 10-15 minutes before cooking (to minimize the possibility of it cracking when it hits the boiling water). Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Lower flame and gently lower egg into water with a spoon. Raise flame again to medium-high, so water is at a low boil. Set timer for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes, remove egg and rinse under cool water. Place in an egg cup and cut off top with a butter knife. Sprinkle with sea salt. Eat.

I have also been craving bitter greens this week, so I was very pleased to see a big bag of arugula in my CSA box. And also curly cress, which is a frilly version of watercress. This bunch of it has a big, strong bite which you’d never guess by looking at its innocent, leafy verdant stems.

I haven’t actually prepared anything yet with the curly cress. Instead, I fried up some broccoli today with a lot of garlic and red pepper flakes which satisfied the craving. But I did pop a handful of cress in my mouth, which really satisfied the craving for bitter (phew, made my eyes water – stuff is strong). Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make some proper little cress tea sandwiches.

In the meantime, I was cheered by eating some yellows and greens.

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