On the Street: Gummi and More




During a short walk through my neighborhood the other day I noticed these items of detritus strewn along the sidewalk.  They kind of brought to mind images of Christmases past: oranges tucked into Christmas stockings; butcher’s twine securing packages of meat wrapped in white paper; red net bags filled with grapefruits or tangerines; pumpernickel bagels spread with cream cheese and lox; bread stuffing in a roasted goose; gummi bears, both whole and half-eaten*.  Funny, the things you see when you look down. Though, that’s not to suggest one shouldn’t look up as well.

*i snapped the first gummi bear pic quickly and later realized the focus was not sharp. i doubled back a half-hour later, figuring it would still be there on the sidewalk and that i’d re-shoot it. but all i found was a yellow fragment of the bear, cleanly shorn off by some creature, either in flight or on foot (squirrel? hawk? pigeon? mouse?).   Whoever it was, i hope their beak/teeth did not stick together too badly. Or that they found a toothpick.

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One Response to On the Street: Gummi and More

  1. JOHN says:

    Love to see a follow up “The Soles of Our Shoes “

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