Sunny Day

I walked into my place after returning from a New Year’s spent out of town to find these light-filled beauties basking in the afternoon light of my west-facing windows. This decades-old amaryllis was given to me by a friend (he inherited it) who had divided and re-potted a section off of his plant. It is thriving in my window, bent over so it leans into the light. It is an old-fashioned amaryllis, a non-hybridized model, whose flowers remind me a lot of day lilies.

The weather has been rotating through different combinations of cold, sunny and snowy weather around here lately – in fact big, fluffy snowflakes are drifting down outside my window at this very moment. After the recent big blizzard, when the snow had stopped falling and everything was covered in drifts of white, the sky cleared to a brilliant blue and the sun shined brightly. It was cold, but very light and bright and crisp, reason enough to love winter in this part of the world. Walnuts, raisins and a cup of chamomile tea.

Following up on the sunny theme  (yellow=sun), the other day I made a variation of one of my favorite dishes: polenta (or grits) and eggs. But with a twist. I made the polenta as I usually do, using a low-stir technique from Marcella Hazan,and then shortly before the polenta was finished cooking, I cracked an egg right into the pot. The result was an egg that was poached – or steamed? – right in the polenta. The technique needs some perfecting – there was a bit of sticking on the bottom of the pot since I couldn’t stir once the egg had been added. But I think with a few tweaks, it’ll be a workable method. The egg was wonderfully cooked – firm but tender white, runny yolk.

Wishing you a bright, light-filled, crisp+clear 2011!


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1 Response to Sunny Day

  1. GJR says:

    Making the most of winter. How great!

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