cream puff: not maybe, just yes

To an indecisive person like myself, being faced with too many choices is akin to being in a candy store stocked floor to ceiling. Maybe not the best example since I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Well, I have been known to enjoy a jelly bean once or twice.  Or most any other fruity, gummy, chewy delight for that matter. And I do have a thing – a major thing –  for black licorice (watch your tails, little Black Scottie Dogs at Trader Joe’s).  So when I actually found myself in such a candy store recently, I couldn’t even decide if I was overwhelmed or not. To play it safe, I beat a hasty retreat without making any purchases.

Acting on impulse is refreshing. Someone asked me the other day if I like to write. When I answered ‘yes’, the next question was ‘why’? I’d never been asked that question before. I sat for a few moments pondering what it feels like to write and before I realized what was happening,  I’d replied ‘because it untangles’. I got a nod of understanding in reply. And somehow it felt like a coupe in decisiveness – a swift and accurate choice.

Same with this petite cream puff. Swift and sweet and white and light and airy. Just because I felt like it, on an impulse.

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3 Responses to cream puff: not maybe, just yes

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Getting to yes! Yes.

  2. evan says:

    Yum. I always remember when I was 20 and went to France for the first time I made it my mission to discover the best cream puff.

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