rice + beans

I may not have a big sweet tooth, but I do have a good-sized soft spot for rice and beans. Preferably black beans. I think I could eat them every day without tiring of them. Meaty, chewy, grainy, satisfying and protein-y. I once heard that people in Central America who subsist primarily on a diet of rice and beans are some of the healthiest in the world. While they may be some of the poorest people in the world monetarily, they have some of the richest, most iron-filled blood of any population anywhere, due to their diet of rice and beans. How ironic that a poor person’s diet results in one of the biggest riches of all – healthy, dark red, iron-filled blood running through one’s veins, while many privileged people wind up with gout – often referred to as “rich man’s disease” –  also due to their diet. Or maybe not ironic at all.

Fact is, I eat it because I like it. Black beans from Cayuga Pure Organics grown in Upstate NY. Dried beans that are fresh and flavorful and cook up faster than most other dried beans. A melange of rice – brown and wild and red. A little salt, some hot sauce. And presto, a bowl of happy.

And lo, today is 5 May. Feliz Cinco de Mayo.

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One Response to rice + beans

  1. john doherty says:

    I prefer Beans and Rice!! Happy Cinco de Mayo

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