cuppa coffee

I have loved coffee for as long as I can remember. The smell, the taste, the consistency of the liquid, the cup. As a little kid I recall asking for (and getting) a splash of coffee added to my glass of milk. Mmm. Now it is the reverse, a splash of milk goes in a cup of coffee. It’s funny to stop and look at an activity that you do every day.

Fill the kettle/Boil the water/grind the coffee beans/get the filter cone and thermos (or coffee pot) and put on counter/fold the edges down on the paper filter + fit it into the cone/add ground beans from grinder/wipe out remaining grinds stuck in bottom of grinder with finger (think: “one of these days I will buy one of those special little brushes made specifically for wiping out coffee grinder”)/retrieve kettle and slowly pour enough water over grounds to wet them/return kettle to stove and turn flame down to low/rinse off coffee grounds from finger/pour more water over coffee grounds/wait for it to seep through/pour more water/wait/pour coffee into cup/add a little milk/sip. Every single day. I love coffee.

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5 Responses to cuppa coffee

  1. john doherty says:

    Well you hit my soft part on this one… The only thing better then the first cup of coffee is the second one !!

  2. Amanda says:

    i 2nd that emotion….mmmmm.

    you know, you can use a paintbrush for the coffee grinder [that’s what i use.]

    good on you, sonya, for writing every day!

    • sonya says:

      thanks, amanda, it feels good to be doing it every day! using a paintbrush is a great tip – (i think the whole notion of finding a solution has become obscured by falling into a regular daily routine. but yes, that would be very simple to implement).

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