Spaghetti with Spring Greens

One week down, three to go in the blog challenge I am in the midst of – a post every single day during the month of May. So far, so good.

Writing about food while hungry is tricky. Doing so while also looking at pictures of food is trickier. And makes one’s hunger even hungrier. I was hungry like a bear not that many minutes ago, for some reason not having eaten dinner until, well, now. I jumped up and made a quick variation of this – spaghetti with Spring greens – except I used asparagus and mushrooms instead of leafy greens. Very tasty, but no pictures – too hungry and too little time remaining before the stroke of midnight, my daily deadline for publishing this post. Instead, here is the version I made recently with spinach and kale (these photos are actually from two different batches made on different days). In one batch I had some tiny little spinach plants, left intact because the whole thing was so small and tender. And if the pasta looks green, it’s because it was – it was made with artichoke.

Next time maybe I’ll keep better tabs on quantities. Meantime, here’s a basic how- to for Spring time greens spaghetti.

Put on a pot of water to boil for pasta.

While pasta water is heating, heat 1-2 T. olive oil in a skillet and add either some chopped garlic or onion (or both). If using onion, cook over medium heat for a few minutes until transparent – for garlic cook until you start to smell it.

Add spaghetti to boiling water.

Add greens (spinach, swiss chard, kale, beet greens, etc.) which have been torn or cut into bite-size pieces if starting with large leaves, to skillet. Add a pinch or two of dried pepper flakes, if desired. Saute and stir until greens are wilted and bright green.

Add a small knob of butter, stirring it into greens to melt, if a creamy finish is desired.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Drain pasta when done.

Add greens to pasta. Toss.

Grate (or shred) a hard cheese over pasta. Toss.

Eat it.

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One Response to Spaghetti with Spring Greens

  1. Gabrielle says:

    This recipe should go out to every busy person who wants to eat healthy and somewhat carby at the same time. So simple and and good.

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