Street Food

I realize that the term ‘street food’ generally refers to food trucks and carts, but I’m talking about something I ate while walking around the city today, the Lower East Side of NYC. I passed the Doughnut Plant this afternoon and I was hungry. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for a doughnut – I’d have much preferred a bowl of soup or something like that – but I hadn’t been there in a very long time. And it was, after all, the dough.nut.plant. The place where doughnuts are made with natural ingredients, icings are mixed up from real fruits (raspberry glaze!) and good chocolates and things like cashews and pistachios and peanut butter. I was predictably flummoxed when I entered and stood in front of the glass cases – many choices, mind boggled. There was only one other customer inside, a mailman who was sitting on the window bench eating a coconut cream yeast doughnut. He highly recommended it to me – even offered me a bite – but I continued to peruse the rows of different colours and textures until I came upon this, and made my choice: a ROSE doughnut.

I kind of figured it was a visual thing, with the petals  strewn across the white icing as a very pretty topper. But when I took a bite, whew, it really was a rose doughnut – floral and fragrant and cakey and, well, it tasted like a flower! I ate and walked and looked at the blue sky and then, a block or two down the street, I noticed this little painting on the side of a building that kind of looked like my doughnut. As I was standing in the doorway with my camera out, a woman approached who was entering the building. “You know, there are more of his murals inside if you want to come inside and see”. It is a community center and inside are a couple of big murals by Chico, an artist who has been painting murals in the neighborhood for ages.

I continued on my way with my half-doughnut, eventually finding myself in front of the coffee shop d’espresso, where I ordered an iced Americano and sat for a few on a bench in the sun watching the street (drinking, I might add, what must have been the most highly caffeinated drink I’ve ever had in my life. Delicious, but potent).

And glad, I might also add, that the month of May is finally acting like May. Sunny and warm and sippy and chatty and blue-skyed.

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2 Responses to Street Food

  1. Marnie says:

    I particularly liked this one. I don’t get to see them every day, but enjoy it when I can linger. I like the journey of this post.
    Hope to see you sometime soon,

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