More Thinking about Photos. And Food.

 I just finished the final day of the 3-day food and photography workshop (which I wrote about here) taught by Penny De Los Santos through  Creative Live. That’s her above, as seen in a photo I made through my computer screen via a live stream on the internet. (She’s shooting a chef in action in a food truck during the workshop in Seattle.) I watched along with untold 1,000’s of others who were watching from around the world. I never imagined this kind of experience could have as much impact as it did. Yet, I walk away from it after three days being hugely impacted – with so many different things to think about in terms of looking, seeing, approaching and more. Thanks, Penny.

I didn’t have time for much else over the past few days, hence the big pile of dirty dishes in the sink and the lack of cooking around here. I did rush out to the farmer’s market this morning and came back with these tidbits to sustain me during today’s workshop session. A mix of little lettuce leaves + sour sorrel and an ash-covered goat cheese called Bigelo (note: not a typo Lyn, there’s no “w” at the end) from Ardith Mae, a goat farm in Pennsylvania that I’ll mention in more detail sometime soon. Meanwhile, it is 11:23pm (er, make that 11:24pm, tick.tick.tick) and I need to stop writing and click “publish” in order to make my midnight deadline (I’m still in the midst of the daily blog challenge during the month of May).

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4 Responses to More Thinking about Photos. And Food.

  1. amanda says:

    that photo of the cheese and knife is sublime, sonya!

  2. Di says:

    I am seriously in love with the Ardith Mae goats. Have you tried the Chevre? Sublime, in that grassy ethereal way one wants a soft goat cheese to be

    • sonya says:

      Diane, I know, goats rule! No, haven’t tried their chevre yet – I always get side tracked by their other cheeses, all of which are sublime. Next time!

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