Fruitopia: Part II, Eating Fruit


Nom nom nom. So, even though the mangoes from yesterday are still not ripe enough to eat, there was a feastlette of lychees and cactus pears – one that involved lots of pink puddles of juice and juicy bits of fruit getting everywhere, including my camera lens. ~Yipes~.

The cactus pear has an interesting flavor – earthy, almost vegetable-like in a cucumbery way, yet fruity with a sweet and slightly sour undertone. Lots of little seeds throughout the flesh, which I simply scooped out with a spoon. Hoping the little mangoes will be ripe tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Fruitopia: Part II, Eating Fruit

  1. Marnie Andrews says:

    I love the way your photography has grown in this process. Lovely. There is a whimsy in this that is simple and beautiful.

    I tried to click the email to write this, it didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?


    • sonya says:

      Thank you Marnie, thank you. I’m glad you see the whimsy. Hmm, not sure about the email, I’ll take a look…

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