Banana Cream Pie at M.Wells

Let’s just say I never intended to have banana cream pie for lunch. I was on the subway headed to my studio in the late afternoon today when I realized I was hungry, that I hadn’t had lunch. On a whim, I hopped off the train one stop early and decided to try my luck at M. Wells. I figured going at an odd time of day might increase my chances of getting a seat – with all the great word on the street (and in all the papers) about their food, I hear they’ve been mobbed of late with really long waits for a table. When I got there, there were lots of empty tables, but they also happened to be closed for the couple of hours between lunch and dinner.

I was on the verge of turning around to leave, as did the folks who’d walked in just ahead of me, when a super nice person mentioned I could come in and have a slice of pie if I wanted. Pie. Hmmm, Okay! So, while the crew busily scurried around trying to figure out how to swap out some refrigerators (I think that’s what the chaos was about), and presumably prep for dinner, I sat in a booth on a sunny Memorial Day Friday eating the loveliest piece of banana cream pie ever. The flakiest crust and a mountain of (very real) whipped cream surrounded a fine custard. And the thing is, none of it was too sweet. Thank god, because I’d never planned on having pie for lunch. But what a nice, unexpected meal, accompanied by a glass of iced hibiscus tea. And what a great place, filled with a joyful vibe and really, some of the nicest people. Seriously, I almost asked if I could work there.

Soon I’ll go back (probably again at an odd time of day, but hopefully one during which the kitchen is open) and have some savory food, I hear it’s fantastic. And visit the incredibly nice people who work there.

*photos taken on a cell phone camera, apologies.

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