Salmon Pink

It is incredibly hot here at the moment, has been for days now. While I was in yoga class earlier this evening, standing on one leg concentrating on not concentrating on the fact that my left toe was slipping out of my right hand and my balance was about to become compromised, I could feel how shiny my face was. It felt good to be so hot, in the way that one’s muscles stretch in a slow, long way. As I stood there, looking straight ahead at my drishdi (a sanskrit word for a visual point of focus) I realized I was staring at a label on the side of a box that sat on a book shelf at the edge of the room where my yoga class takes place. The label said ENRICH. It was printed on paper that was salmon pink. Or perhaps salmon orange?

As it happens, I had taken some frozen Alaskan salmon out of the freezer this afternoon to thaw – though I kind of enjoyed the sight of its iciness through the plastic package, in the way that looking at something cool can convey a sensation of coolness.

But thaw, it did – and after yoga I baked it in a moderately hot oven along with some asparagus spears tossed with a combo of olive oil and a little butter, salt and pepper.

 And now I’m telling you about it, at 11:55pm on the last day of May. Thank you for visiting and for following along during this month of daily posting!

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2 Responses to Salmon Pink

  1. Gabrielle says:

    It has been a great pleasure to follow along day by day. Thank you for all the beautiful insights and visual and verbal moments of pleasure.

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