A New CSA Season

 I have not checked in here since the month of May ended and along with it my daily posting challenge. No particular reason, I guess I was just taking a break. Thanks to those of you who have inquired as to my whereabouts. I’m back with news of a brand new CSA season – our first delivery was last week. What better to illustrate the bounty of newly harvested verdant lusciousness than this half of a green Boston lettuce. I specify green because according to the farm’s newsletter, this week we’ll be receiving red Boston lettuce. This is the start of the sixth season of our neighborhood CSA, Farm Spot. Hard to believe we’ve been going for this many years! To illustrate the passage of time, the not-so-little tyke below was just a wee baby when we started.

In addition to the Boston lettuce, we had a magnificent selection of greens in last week’s box, including mixed lettuce leaves, arugula, spinach and red kale, (which isn’t really red, though the stalks are purpleish). Plus rhubarb and white salad turnips (which are meant to be eaten raw). Not a bad haul for the first week. I was surprised by its size as the first week’s delivery has tended to be smaller in previous years, something that allowed us to ease into the season. This year it’s been a jump into the vegetable pool with both feet!


Naturally, I’ve eaten a lot of vegetables this week – saladsaladsalad, roasted greens with garlic, rhubarb – happy days, indeed.

I suspect a lot of other people in the neighborhood have been busily eating their greens this past week as well. Our CSA has 200+ shares (many of which are split between two households as they are large shares) which makes for a large delivery every week. Lots of boxes of vegetables, lots of busy hands transferring things from box to bag, lots of chatting and giggling.

Amazingly, there are now over 100 CSA’s in NYC. Most are probably sold out for the current season, but if you’d like to see a directory of CSA’s in the 5 boroughs of the city visit Just Food’s website. If you’d like to check on CSA’s (or farmer’s markets or other purveyors of local food) anywhere else in the USA, visit Local Harvest for a state-by-state directory.



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8 Responses to A New CSA Season

  1. john doherty says:

    we all must love and support local !!!

  2. Michelle Chiafulio says:

    Awwww, I miss Farm Spot!!! Especially that rhubarb!! Thanks to you Sonya for keeping it going!

  3. Sarah says:

    If I weren’t a member already, I’d join again!!

  4. Ann says:

    Inspiring portraits of our friends, the leafy greens! Once again a stellar and uplifting post. Thank you, Sonya!

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