One Year + 30 Days

Hello! I’ve been absent of late. Very absent. And while I haven’t been here, I have been there – out on the road travelling to various places, seeing various people, eating various foods. But I’m back (happily so) and have many things to tell, starting with berries.

While visiting friends in different parts of Germany I discovered berries growing wherever I went – in peoples’ backyards, on their balconies, on hillsides behind their houses. It’s positively berry-mania in Germany. Above and below are strawberries growing in a window box in the Prenzlauerberg neighborhood of Berlin, red currants growing in a backyard just outside of Munich, raspberries in the Steiglitz neighborhood of Berlin and blackberries growing on a small mountain on the edge of the Black Forest in Freiburg. Strawberry season in Germany is often greeted with special “strawberry menus”,  and little seasonal strawberry selling huts pop up – I saw them everywhere!

They were all flavorful and vibrant and sweet (well, truth be told the blackberries were a bit tart, though mighty tasty all the same). The berries were just the beginning of the incredible fruit that I saw and ate everywhere I went – one of the delightful benefits of travelling in the summer, fruit season!

 strawberry hut in Alexanderplatz, Berlin

On another note, eat+art+word has been chugging along for a year (plus 30 days) now. Thank you for visiting and looking and reading!

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4 Responses to One Year + 30 Days

  1. evan says:

    That top photo of the red currents is gorgeous. They are like some kind of wonderful glass beads. Never seen them like that before.

  2. john doherty says:

    nice to see you back in the flow of fresh culinary fun !!

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