Little Bits of Red

Walking through the grass to cross the small backyard I barely noticed anything at first. But out of the corner of my eye a little red something caught my eye, sitting on the ground next to the wheelbarrow. Being such a brightly hued red, I figured it was a man-made object – a bit of plastic such as a bottle top or some other random bit of detritus. I doubled back to take a closer look.

Lo and behold, it looked like an extremely tiny strawberry! What I assumed to be a wild strawberry. I found just one more growing in the grass that afternoon. Sadly, they got lost in the shuffle (they were terribly small) before I had a chance to take a taste. But they sure were sweet to look at.

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One Response to Little Bits of Red

  1. rossjude says:

    This truly is surprising!! What an eye.

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