Duck Egg

 I had breakfast for lunch today. After picking up a half-dozen duck eggs at the greenmarket yesterday, I was looking forward with great curiosity to tasting one. First time having a duck egg. And since I had seen where these eggs came from when I visited the farm a couple weeks ago – those are some of the ducklings below – it made me that much more intrigued.

These eggs are substantially larger than chicken eggs, I’m guessing maybe 50% bigger than a size “large” egg. I debated boiling one, but then wondered if the timing would be different – would a 6-minute chicken egg = an undercooked duck egg? Instead I opted for a tried and true fried egg. I swirled a little butter in a small black iron pan, let it melt and cracked (and cracked again, that shell was quite a bit more resilient than a chicken egg) the egg into the hot fat.

A big, orange yolk landed in the pan and sizzled up in quick time. The edges of the whites frizzled up into golden, lacy crisps.

I ate it lickety split 1-2-3, with a little hunk of whole wheat bread I’d just baked. It tasted more eggy than a usual egg – the flavor was magnified, stronger and the yolk was rich. Lovely. Now I wonder about other kinds of eggs. Does anyone have any recommendations, maybe goose eggs?

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6 Responses to Duck Egg

  1. amanda says:

    emu! very creamy — but enough to feed 4.

  2. amanda says:

    there was a big push to make emu the new designer food, and then when that didn’t pan out, a lot of folks abandoned them…. for others to rescue (including the organization that erica liss worked for….that’s where i got mine. but those people who have emus will often give their eggs away for free.)

  3. I’ve had duck eggs–and yes, the yolk is richer (fattier!) and creamier–but the same is true for any really fresh egg (grocery store eggs can be as much as 6 months old!)

    quail eggs are more flavorful–but tiny –a dozen serve 2 for breakfast–a single one can be a wonderful part of an first course–just s morsel of rich egg flavor.

    never had goose eggs, but several varieties of turtle eggs are eaten (i passed when i discovered the one i was served was raw–i would have tried a cook one, but…

    Almost every birds egg is edible–but some have a gamey flavor, (crow eggs/owl eggs) or fishy flavor (gulls and penguin eggs)–they are just hard to find–

    • sonya says:

      Helen, Thanks for the low down on various eggs. Owl eggs! Who knew? I agree, fresh eggs are much, much tastier than supermarket eggs – I pretty much only buy fresh at the farmers’ market these days, infinitely better!

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