T is for Tea…

…and also for being tongue-tied on a Tuesday. It’s the 15th of the month, the half-way mark of the NaBloPoMo November challenge of blogging every (single) day.


T is for Today, which was an overcast day, with a strangely striped sky hanging over the city.


T is for Tired, because I stayed up last night til the wee hours of the morning watching a live stream of a protest being dismantled into dumpsters, piece by piece, book by book.

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4 Responses to T is for Tea…

  1. john doherty says:

    Remind me to tell you my Tea story from London some time Sonya.

    I related Tea vs. Coffee to London vs. New York

  2. Marnie Andrews says:

    Way to go Sonya, staying with this, even when exhausted. And your photographs are more and more compelling.


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