Yellow and Green, Colour of Food

top to bottom:

slow-cooked egg yolk, yoghurt with chopped herbs, celeriac stalks, spinach

field greens, watermelon, mint, yellow potatoes with parsley

golden soup, window box lettuce, soft-boiled egg, tomatoes

box of field greens, apple, romanesco, cabbage

melting butter, spinach, walnuts, figs

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10 Responses to Yellow and Green, Colour of Food

  1. consolata says:

    carissima Sonya,
    I’m really admiring that you post everyday such interesting stories and marvellous photos… and I was really worried on tuesday… don’t give up! I’m eager to read and see more this month…
    baci e buona giornata

    • sonya says:

      Consolata, Grazia millisima! I’m so glad to know you’re following – and don’t worry, I will not give up. Hope all’s well w. all of you. Ciao.

  2. rossjude says:

    Walnuts on a tree? Field greens that are so popular in Germany. A beautiful selection of edibles.

  3. amanda says:

    how gorgeous! the perfection of simple ingredients.

  4. Connie Petruk says:

    Sonya so gorgeous! Your photos are really beautiful! And you always make me hungry.
    Thank you.

  5. Michelle Chiafulio says:

    Beautiful images! You sure know how to cook an egg :) What is Romanesco? It’s so cool looking!

    • sonya says:

      Thanks! I sure do have a soft spot for eggs, I won’t lie. Romanesco is a type of broccoli that originates from Italy, funnily enough. It kind of tastes like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. Look for it at the farmers’ market – I got the one in my pic at the market here in JH last year.

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