N17: Thinking about Food

Sometimes it’s necessary to think about food, in addition to looking at it. Where it comes from, where it goes, who gets it, who does not. And so, a few random thoughts for today, on what is the 2-month mark of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Protests which, if I may be so bold as to sum it up in one sentence, are about marching towards economic justice. Food, certainly, is a big part of the economic system. This week it was announced that Congress is pushing back against reforms for healthier school lunches. In an effort to block the proposal by the Agriculture Department – one meant to introduce more vegetables and whole grains to the diets of children with an eye towards improved health – they would like, among other things, to officially classify pizza as a vegetable on the menu of school cafeterias. (Or rather, the 2 tablespoons of tomato paste that are spread on the slice of pizza.) A group of retired generals has called poor nutrition in school lunches a threat to national security because obesity is the leading reason for medical disqualification for military service.

It makes me wonder:  How did we get to the point where we need to have laws about whether kids should eat vegetables?

It also makes me wonder: Why doesn’t Congress want to do everything in their power to create a country filled with the strongest, healthiest and most robust children anywhere in the world?

Just asking. Your thoughts?

I made the above photo at the kitchen at Occupy Wall St. at Zuccotti Park on 13 October, 2011. 

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2 Responses to N17: Thinking about Food

  1. Don Gropman says:

    The Reagan administration tried to get catsup (aka ketchup) declared a vegetable in its school lunch program, some things never change, Stunning photo.

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