With Thanks


For radiance

and colour.

For crispness of light

and texture.

For licking salty lips

and eating sweet cake crumbs.

For the scent of oranges

and green pistachios.

For abundance,

for enough.

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6 Responses to With Thanks

  1. Tania says:

    Gorgeous pics and beautiful words…what’s not to love?

    Happy Thanksgiving…

  2. john doherty says:

    Love the pictures !! I just ate a heavy Thanksgiving dinner and even with a full stomach these desserts made my mouth water

    • sonya says:

      Thanks! Hope you had a great T-giving dinner. BTW, they aren’t desserts, but radishes and carrots – glad they made your mouth water, though.

      • john doherty says:

        The colors and textures combined with the the words ” cake crumbs” you used in the text, had me go right to the dessert world … No matter what course. they are beautiful and delicious .

      • sonya says:

        John, it’s the power of suggestion!

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