Feeding a Cold, Part II: Ginger Tea & More


Three days left in November, and just three more posts for this month’s NaBloPoMo challenge (well, two after this one). Whew. This month has gone by fast, super fast. In fact, the past several months have gone by very fast. Which seems like a redundant thing to say – I mean, we’re always referring to the speediness of time, every one of us. But this does feel extreme. It really does seem like it was a steamy August day only 5 minutes ago. And today is a mildly warm late-Fall day, which does nothing to clear up the confusion. I started getting a scratchy throat last night and today I am doing my best to ignore the fact that there is a non-stop pounding occurring just below the surface of my head. Not getting sick, nonono. A couple of months ago I did a pretty good job of fending off a cold by eating a tomato salad topped with a yogurt dressing that included raw, chopped garlic. Today,  I decided to pull out the arsenal of every single remedy I could think of (and had in the pantry). Every single one.

To that end, today I have had the following (starting at the top and moving clockwise): a glass of fizzy vitamin c drink, tincture of echinacea and goldenseal, a cup of fresh ginger tea with honey and lemon, a couple of ibuprofen, a clove of raw garlic and a glass of kosher salt mixed with warm water, which I gargled. Plus a spoonful of honey for good measure. Fortunately, I’d steeled my stomach before this deluge with a small but sturdy breakfast. Here’s hoping for the best. Happy start of the week to you.

[Note: quantities are variable, this is how I made it today.]

Fresh Ginger Tea makes 2 cups

4″- 5″ piece of ginger

2 cups water

honey, to taste

lemon, to taste

Peel and chop ginger. Add to heavy-bottomed pot with 2 cups water. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer until golden brown in colour (about 15 minutes). Simmer longer for stronger tea. Serve in a mug with a spoonful of honey and fresh lemon juice stirred in. If tea tastes too strong, dilute with hot water. Sip.

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7 Responses to Feeding a Cold, Part II: Ginger Tea & More

  1. Tania says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Aloe juice has been helpful to me when facing a fever, acid reflux and colds. Even sick, you put out beautiful pics…a true blogger :-)

    • sonya says:

      Thanks, Tania, feeling ok but not great. I’ve never tried aloe juice, though I’ve been meaning to. I’ll admit that if it wasn’t for the NaBloPoMo challenge I probably wouldn’t have gotten a post done yesterday or today.

  2. tracy says:

    feel better sonya! hope after a night of good sleep too!
    yes to Tania’s note of appreciation for continuing your november mission in spite of a cold!!

    ps – good to know about aloe for other uses as well!

  3. tracy says:

    ps – sonya glad you had garlic and so much more readily available in your pantry!!

  4. amanda says:

    this sounds exactly like my grandmother’s recipe. i make it all the time for my children, when they’re sick. did it work? how are you feeling, sonya?

    • sonya says:

      It’s so nice that you make your grandmother’s recipe for your kids, Amanda. I’m keeping the bug at arm’s length – I do think the ginger tea helps.

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