Nettle Jack

Hello Monday. I’ve lost my voice, had laryngitis the past few days. Perhaps that’s no excuse for my fingers not to have done some talking, or walking, though. I really did intend to stick to my new schedule, but alas I missed Friday’s deadline. A couple notes from the last few days. First, a weirdo muffin I made yesterday. While quite lovely in its banana-apple-almond-vanilla-cinnamon flavors, it’s definitely a bit odd in its crunchiness. Note: has anyone ever successfully ground quinoa in a food processor? More on this to follow.

I was thrilled to see the return of Full Nettle Jack cheese at the Cherry Grove Farm stand at the farmers’ market yesterday. Those little dark specks are nettles in the cheese! Grassy bright flavor. Yellow and green. Delightful.


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7 Responses to Nettle Jack

  1. rossjude says:

    The good flavors vs the uncookedness of the quinoa (as you and the photo imply) sounds frustrating. It sounds like the quinoa may have to be cooked.

  2. Tania says:

    The cheese looks wonderful. Love quinoa but honestly have never prepared it myself. Been looking into trying a few recipes.

    I gave you a bloggy love award today (I’m a fellow NaBloPoMo ‘ er…). Swing by my hood when you have a moment. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • sonya says:

      Thanks, Tania! I’m so flattered to receive the Liebster award from you (and the day after my birthday, to boot!).

      Yes, that cheese is incredible. And I urge you to try preparing quinoa – not only is it very nutritious, but it tastes lovely (kind of a nutty/grainy flavour) and it cooks *really* fast! One note: it’s important to rinse it before cooking, b/c it can have a slightly bitter taste otherwise.

  3. Everything in this post looks so very edible. The cheeses are always my favorite part of the farmer’s market. I’ve never had nettle, though. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. As for the quinoa, I wonder if you parboiled it a bit first before adding it to the muffins so it could finish cooking in the oven and not be too crunchy or gloppy? I love quinoa… I may have to try this.

    • sonya says:

      Suzanne, yes if you see it at the market you should give it a try!! I agree, I may try pre-cooking the quinoa in an effort to rework this recipe. If it works out I will post the recipe.

  4. Also, Nettle Jack sounds like a character out of a rustic Americana novel. Hmmmm… so much food for thought.

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