A Page a Day

I’ve been eating one – or two – of these babies every day, ever since a box of them arrived on my doorstep. They are Page oranges, a recent discovery for me and an incredible addition to my citrus parade this winter. They are a cross between a clementine and a Honeybell that were developed in 1942. It is, I’m pretty sure, the most quintessential orange eating experience I have ever had.

Juicy and sweet with a deep, dark shade of orange, a Page orange tastes like what a cartoon orange would taste like. Perfect. The sad thing is that they are rare. They are not sold commercially because they are considered ‘unmarketable’ – too small and perhaps not beautiful enough. I beg to differ.

 I ordered mine from a sustainable citrus grove in Florida. Details tomorrow!

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8 Responses to A Page a Day

  1. rossjude says:

    A gorgeous orange. Gorgeous post.

  2. Evan Read says:

    Sounds delicious. I’m interested in where you ordered them; buying oranges and clementines usually is so hit or miss which discourages me from buying them very often.

  3. Michelle Chiafulio says:

    So curious where you order from. Such a nice winter treat!

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