Above is the sad image of no oranges (save the remaining crown of the stem). I actually do have one or two Page oranges left in the fridge, but I’m preparing for the inevitability of them being gone. As promised after yesterday’s rhapsody about these little gems, here is the ordering information. Even if Pages are unavailable (they have a short growing season), the farm grows many other types of citrus – and Honeybell season is upon us!

In the midst of this hoopla about citrus, let me just say this: while the idea of eating local is a good one (a very good one), and while I am a big supporter of many local farms in my area, there are two pertinent facts here: I cannot live without citrus fruit and it does not grow anywhere near where I live. Rather than buy any old fruit that comes from who-knows-what-farm, I figure it’s better to buy direct from a small, family owned farm. Especially one that operates sustainably (nearly, though not certified, organic). Even more especially, one that has offered to make a donation of $3 for every box ordered to the subsidized share program of Farm Spot, my CSA. Thanks, Pete & Cindy Spyke!

To order: Visit The Orange Shop; choose single box or subscription; choose month(s) and type(s) of fruit and ‘order now’; confirm order and ‘check out’; on shipping page type ‘Farm Spot CSA’ as company name; on shipping page click ‘free shipping’; in comment box write ‘Farm Spot CSA’.

That’s it, then just sit back and wait, knowing that you have a box of sweet, juicy fruit en route, and that you’ve pitched in to help some folks get some affordable, local produce. Enjoy. Let me know if you order – I’d love to hear how you like the fruit!

** Adding ‘Farm Spot’ to your order will not affect your order or delivery in any way. It will still be delivered for free to your address, no matter what state you live in – it will simply signal the farm to make the donation to our fund.

** Also, I do not receive any personal benefit from this deal, unless you consider spreading the word about Page oranges a possible benefit in terms of increasing their popularity – and hence their availability.

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4 Responses to Oranges

  1. Michelle Chiafulio says:

    Yum! Just ordered a 2 month supply…. can’t wait! Matteo is a big tangerine fan :) So glad you found this small company. They sound great!

  2. Tania says:

    Looks so refreshing…I’m a citrus fan too, oranges, lemons and limes. I also love jabong, also known as pomelo. Can’t buy it in stores here and we no longer have a tree :-(

    • sonya says:

      Tania, you mean it grows nearby but it’s not sold in stores? That’s very sad! Do you have farmers’ markets in Hawaii? Maybe you could get another tree…What a dream come true, to have one’s very own citrus tree!!

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