Follow-up Notes on Eggs & Ordering Oranges


A couple of follow-up notes about things I mentioned in the past couple of days:

A couple of people asked why vinegar is used to poach an egg. The acidity of the vinegar allows the egg white to coagulate, so the egg keeps a nice shape (and doesn’t fall apart in the water). But it’s best to use just a little, otherwise you’ll taste it.

I received an e-mail from the The Orange Shop today (the farm where I ordered the amazing  oranges I wrote about the other day) and they still have Pages in stock – and they’re on sale! Read the details below – if you’d like to order, don’t delay.

Page Orange Special! 20% off Pages, plus FREE SHIPPING on any other selection if Pages are in the Cart!!

We still have LOTS of Page Oranges to pick!  We know it’s Honeybell season, and we have plenty of those, too, but the Pages are absolutely incredible right now, and we need to get them moving.  So, we’ve concocted a unique promotion for Pages.  We’re already running a Free Shipping special on them, so for a short time, we’re going to up the ante.

If you order any package containing Page Oranges, including combinations with other varieties, and also use the Coupon Code “Pages“, you’ll receive 20% off the Page selections — PLUS Free Shipping on anything else in the cart!  You heard that right — as long as there’s an item that includes Pages in your shopping cart, and the coupon code is entered, you’ll get free shipping on anything else, too.  Our objective is to get the Pages off the trees and into your homes — simple as that — and we think this is a fun way.  People are going nuts over the Pages — see the comments on our “Page page“– and we want you and yours to join the party.

Want free shipping on Honeybells?  All you have to do is order some Pages, too — at an unbeatable price.  We may never have this great an offer again, so grab it now!

Don’t forget to use the Coupon Code “Pages” to get your 20% discount on Page selections, plus Free Shipping on anything else, too.  It only works if  there’s a package with Pages in the cart!











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2 Responses to Follow-up Notes on Eggs & Ordering Oranges

  1. rossjude says:

    Thanks for this. Our order is in….Page Oranges, can’t wait.

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