Looking at Pastries




Digging through the archives of my cell phone, I came up with a lot of images of pastry. Pastries behind a glass case, under a plastic dome, sitting on a pedestal, covered in red icing, sitting in fluted papers. I like looking at pastries. It’s got me thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a better quality cell camera – these cheap shots may only last for so long before their charm runs out. In any case, thought I’d share some of them.

(From top: coconut cake, cheese danish, corn muffins)

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2 Responses to Looking at Pastries

  1. Di says:

    Is the coconut cake from Jahn’s? (If so, it is a delight!)

    • sonya says:

      Yes!! I’m impressed, Diane. I love the look of it, though I confess I’ve never tried it. Must fix that. (Maybe knitting there?)

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