Strawberry Palatschinken in June


In the middle of cold winter it’s nice to dig out some of the super fruits from the opposite end of the year.  Whether they’re actual fruits preserved in the freezer or in a jar of preserves, or those of a more virtual nature appearing from the depths of your photo archive, reveling in the warm, red fruits of summer on a freezing, grey day is kinda sublime. Last June, while passing through Prague, I perused a seasonal “Strawberry Menu” at a restaurant. The last page of the menu was devoted solely to dishes containing strawberries.  I’ve seen seasonal menus in other parts of Europe – most memorably in Italy, where there are porcini mushroom menus during the season in Autumn. I’d love to see that here – perhaps a citrus menu in winter offering all sorts of dishes, both savory and sweet, using oranges, tangerines and lemons! Or a rhubarb menu in early Spring. The possibilites are numerous. But back to last June, we opted to order strawberry palatschinken off the strawberry menu – (thin, crepe-like pancakes eaten all over central Europe).  In this case, they were doused with a sauce made of fresh strawberries and served alongside a little dollop of whipped cream. Uh huh!


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