Toy Kitchen (Spielküche)



I spotted this in a corner of the tall kitchen near the glass doors leading out to the expansive green backyard – an itty bitty play stove.  About 8″ across, it is white enamel with metal burners, heavy gauge plastic knobs, a glass-paneled oven door that swings open in order to slide one’s food in (a tiny cake? a tray of two chicken wings?) and a striped electric cord attached to the back. She told me that it had been hers as a child growing up in East Germany and that it got hot enough to actually cook food. It still works and now her 6-year-old son plays with it. Sometimes, while she is in the kitchen preparing dinner he cooks alongside her, baking a miniature version of the same dish she is making.

Did you have a toy kitchen as a kid? Or did you help in the kitchen, cooking or baking?

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8 Responses to Toy Kitchen (Spielküche)

  1. I did cook supper for my family as a child during the week when my mom worked. I love to cook now.

  2. margaret reeve panahi says:

    Yes, E-Z Bake oven. Not nearly as cute or functional as this beauty.

  3. Di says:

    That is the sweetest thing! I did not have a real play kitchen as a kid, but I kept my play dishes in a box and drew the cabinets on one side, and circles on the top to be the rings for the stove.

  4. tracy says:

    my older cousin had one – different shades of pink an red – we would make our cakes and cupcakes ALL DAY! i thought it was the most beautiful thing i’d ever seen.

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