juicy juice

 I schlepped out the big guns today, the Acme Juicerator. This mammoth juicer takes up half my kitchen counter, but it is worth its heft, for it makes fast work of whatever vegetables (or fruit) are lurking about needing to be et.

Today that happened to be carrots and watermelon radish, both of which have been in the fridge for the better part of two weeks now and were starting to get just a tad bit wrinkly. Maybe not ideal for some uses, but perfect for juice.

I don’t think I’ve ever had radish juice before. Sweet, with a sharp afterbite. Not the best thing on an empty stomach, but in the end I mixed the two together and they balanced each other out nicely.

Left me feeling sustained and fortified in the way that fresh juice does.

BLACKOUT WEDNESDAY: Perhaps I subconsciously made a particularly colourful post today to compensate for tomorrow’s blackout. I have decided to participate in the Internet Blackout tomorrow, Wednesday 18 January, in protest of SOPA and PIPA – two proposed legislations that put the entire internet at risk of censorship. Tomorrow this site will be down between 8am-8pm. Instead, there will be information about the protest, including an explanatory video. I hope you’ll check it out. See you on Thursday.

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