Hundred Acres Two Poached Eggs


So, maybe I mention eggs a lot – a whole lot – but if so, it’s only because I adore them so very much. And maybe I have mixed feelings about photographing plates of food while seated in a restaurant – very mixed feelings – because it strikes me as a little bit impolite and a little bit obsessive and makes me more than a little bit self-conscious (not to mention, there is generally very bad available light). That said, when I found myself at Hundred Acres today, seated at a big, round table with my mother, aunt, uncle and cousins gathered for a Sunday brunch in the back room of the restaurant and this plate of eggs came out, and I happened to be sitting in a glass-roofed room with beautiful light filtering through burlap panels, and my camera was sitting within arm’s reach just next to me in my bag, well, I just couldn’t resist pulling it out. Very quickly, as politely and inconspicuously as I could, I snapped a few images of this ethereal dish. Poached eggs sitting atop warm spinach salad, nested on top of lemon- and thyme- scented brioche bread pudding. Deep orange egg yolks mixing with little green rings of chopped chive.

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5 Responses to Hundred Acres Two Poached Eggs

  1. Pamanner says:

    These look wicked good!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Oh my. You can mention poached eggs all you want. I am just tickled pink to know there’s someone out there who loves the poached egg as much as I do. Gorgeous.

  3. Tiffanie says:

    Those look amazing!

    I have been becoming more and more self conscious whipping out the camera at parties, dinners, etc., especially if others are doing the same. It’s sort of a sign for me to move on to a new way of writing/talking/depicting what I’m eating, what the cake looks like, etc. Or that maybe that photography should only be in more intimate settings (like your beautiful photographs), perhaps.

    Also, is Pamanner from New Hampshire like me? That would be wicked cool! :)

  4. Tania says:

    I don’t mind all the egg talk because I love eggs…poached, hard boiled, deviled, scrambled, you name it.

    This looks and sounds lovely, I think I’d like it. I love eggs florentine from a local place which is on top of a tomato, spinach. Their hollan has the perfect hint of lemon.

    My girlfriends and BF know I’m going to take a photo of my food when we’re out, especially if we’re trying a new place. I think everyone can relate to delicious food, eating out (or in) with your loved ones, it is one of the common threads on social media because we all enjoy eating and thinking about food. There are times I refrain though, family dinners and certain nights where I just want to enjoy the moment without any other distraction.

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