August Breakfast

Hello there, hello August. It’s been a while, I’ve been fairly absent from these parts. I have umpteen posts in various states of readiness – photos, thoughts, scraps, this + that, all floating around the back room of this cyber space waiting to be collated, sifted, scrubbed and edited into a semblance of order. But allow me to ease back in with talk of an egg. One boiled egg. It’s no big secret how much I adore eggs. A couple of years ago I wrote about  boiled eggs and included a recipe for a 6-minute boiled egg. There’s many ways to boil an egg, naturally, but this is the method I’ve always used to wind up with the egg of my dreams: one with firmly cooked whites yet a runny yolk. Occasionally, if I’ve wandered off from the kitchen and don’t get that egg out of the boiling water the instant the timer bell rings, the yolk starts to set a tiny bit at the edges. That’s what happened with the egg below – hot, hazy August morning = slow moving – but I’m generally okay with that, as long as there is ample yolk in which to dip the toasted bread (which of course gets cut or torn into smaller pieces than what you see in the picture below).

The reason this egg is part of an August breakfast, instead of one in just about any other month, is because of those slices of red tomato sitting off to the side of the plate. Though, truth be told, my CSA often delivers tomatoes well into September. Their fruity, acidic juiciness, sprinkled with a just a little kosher salt and set upon buttered rye toast is heaven indeed. They act as a perfect counter balance to the rich, eggy goodness. And the yellow + red colour combo isn’t bad, either.

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2 Responses to August Breakfast

  1. Tammy says:

    I love a perfectly cooked egg with tomato and toast just as you have presented it here.

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