I spent a couple of days on the Maine coast recently. I hadn’t been to the state in eons and it was glorious to be there, like seeing a long-lost friend. I was helping a friend document the contents of her family summer home that is being sold off – (the high cost of yearly maintenance making it impossible for them to keep). Bittersweet.

Ate lobsters cooked on this magnificent old Garland stove. My father, who stopped by with my mother for the day, employed several of his time-tested lobster-cooking “musts”:

1) always remove the rubber bands around the claws prior to cooking (so as to avoid a rubbery taste permeating the lobster meat – though one must be super careful not to be nipped by a claw, natch.)

2) snipping the tips of the claws after cooking and draining the water out before serving (so as to avoid a plate full of hot, briny cooking water)

3) making a slice up the inside of the underbody  for ease in removing the tail meat.


Happy Sunday. I’ll see you around here more often in upcoming days and weeks!



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4 Responses to Maine

  1. AJG says:

    Those lobsters look really succulent! I hope they were good!

  2. john doherty says:

    Maine is so underrated Great to see you back blogging

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