a list, a cake

         IMG_5034_opt (1)

I like lists. Not simply for their ‘to do’ factor, but as objects unto themselves. They are either a snap shot of something yet to happen – something planned for or dreamt of – or a relic of something passed by. They are fragments scratched in a notebook, on a scrap of paper, on the back of your hand, or as in my case, often times on the back of an old envelope. The list above, which I just discovered in a pile of papers on my desk, tells of the baking of a cake a couple of months ago. This cake was quite something, a delectably spicy towering confection with a moist crumb (the caramel that gets incorporated into the batter may have something to do with that). It was my first time stirring a bubbling cauldron of melted sugar, but it worked out rather nicely. The cake is called Caramel Apple Layer Cake with Apple Cider Frosting and I found it on the blog A Hint of Honey. You can find the recipe here

IMG_3021_opt          IMG_3029_opt

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4 Responses to a list, a cake

  1. I write lists everywhere too! Newspapers, crosswords, and — if I can actually find some — post-its. I love caramel, so that sounds like a wonderful cake!

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