1. I have not forgotten about following up on the baked beans…I have been preoccupied with a deadline and haven’t had time to sort through the images, but I will do so in the next day or two.


2. I wrote about making a batch of spicy green beans with garlic here last year. Sometimes hot and spicy is called for – it makes your mouth feel alive and your brain more alert. Such was the case yesterday. I add a lot of slivered garlic and many pinches of Aleppo pepper.


3. While the beans were blistering in the oven, I cracked an egg into a greased little ceramic cup and perched it in the oven too. Maybe I let it go a bit too long, but the idea is a good one – baked eggs.

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5 Responses to Green.Bean.Baked.Egg

  1. Audrey says:

    Ok, between the two of you I am now determined to buy some ramekins so I can try this.

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