Maple Sand





Sand, sun, maple sugar, shadow, lines, rows, tawny tones. The sand appears almost edible, the maple candies structural. These photographs were all made within the past week and were unintentionally parallel.


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4 Responses to Maple Sand

  1. Tiffanie says:

    Beautifully done. I just discovered my love of maple sugar after my brother sent me a package from New Hampshire for Christmas. It’s good stuff (and possible donut pan fodder). How about that warm, beautiful light!

    • sonya says:

      Thanks, Tiffanie! Wonderful discovery (but didn’t you eat it while growing up?). Funnily, I generally eat syrup from NH because my parents usually go up and get syrup from an old family friend who still taps his own trees. Delicious!!

  2. Tania says:

    I love maple sugar candy. Did you make your own candy or buy these? Gorgeous photos and love the concept of the correlation between sand and sugar.

    • sonya says:

      Tania, Thanks! I didn’t see the correlation until I was looking through my fotos and then it became obvious.
      No, I didn’t make the candies – I bought them at a local farmers’ market, they’re NY State maple.

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