Street Food: sidewalk ice cream



I am regularly intrigued by the sight of food on the sidewalk – whether dropped, fallen, thrown, broken, or blown, the general assumption is that the thing in question has accidentally wound up down there (unless it’s been intentionally left as an offering to someone or something, which is another story altogether). But this was an entire tub of Orange Cream Swirl ice cream – a large tub, at that! – purposefully set down in the middle of a sidewalk in broad daylight. One that had melted into an opalescent puddle of sticky liquid, looking not unlike the swirled waters of the Gowanus Canal – with a single spoon at the ready, as if the person was in the middle of eating it and suddenly had to skedaddle but might be back at any moment to continue this herculean task of eating an entire tub of ice cream…


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