NYC Mayoral Candidates at Food Forum


I attended a Mayoral Candidate Forum on the Future of Food in NYC tonight at The New School. It was a packed auditorium, with an overflow crowd watching a live feed in other rooms. Marion Nestle did a stellar job as moderator – asking each of the six candidates who participated several questions, with a fourth question coming from a member of the community sitting in the audience. Much was discussed about the 1.5 million NYC residents (1 in 4 children) who do not have enough food to eat, school food programs, the magnitude of NYC’s buying power, etc. and ways to address these issues. Each candidate only had a mere minutes on stage, but there were some compelling statements.

Most telling, I think, was the fact that this forum took place at all. Apparently this event was historical in that it was the first of its kind. Clearly issues of food access, health, living wages, sustainability, local agriculture and more are being taken seriously – a good thing.

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4 Responses to NYC Mayoral Candidates at Food Forum

  1. Frances D says:

    Wow, that’s one I would have wanted to go to myself. I am a Native New Yorker who recently moved up to Cape Cod. I will be, and actually am at this moment, in the city every couple three months. You just reminded me that I need to see whose running for Mayor. I’m glad the issue of food – specifically the lack of – is being looked in to. Growing up my Dad owned a small supermarket. I rememver seeing more than one parent crying in the aisles. Take care.

    • sonya says:

      Frances, thanks for writing. Yes, I’m glad too that food has become a serious issue for mayoral candidates! What a heartbreaking memory that is, from your dad’s store.

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