Carrot and Dog


How to eat a carrot? The question was: what to do with this beauteous bunch of small, sweet, just-picked carrots procured at the small farmers’ market in northern Vermont. I opted to shred a couple of them, and in combination with a few of these leaves plucked from the garden,


turned it into a bowl of kale salad which included the brilliant – if I do say so – addition of thinly sliced crescents of celery. It was a winning combination of flavors, the aromatic  celery a lovely counter to the earthy, slightly bitter kale, and the sweetness of the carrots. A recipe for kale salad from a post I wrote a couple of years ago can be found HERE – (simply omit the ricotta salata and add celery and carrot for this version).

IMG_1400_opt     IMG_1399_opt

However, when presented with one of these carrots, another member of the household – a four-legged, furry one – opted to consume her carrot in a different way. One she seemed to enjoy quite thoroughly.

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