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Scallop Lunch

    Lunch on the fly – I sauteed the scallops in a fry pan with a little oil and butter this morning, added some dried herbs de Provence and a sprinkle of vinegar and laid them over a pile … Continue reading

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Royal Tomato

    Sitting pretty.

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Lunch on a summer Sunday spent working.

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Queens Ice

      Just about all I can muster on a day like today in Hot Town is a tall glass filled with liquid and ice.

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July Breakfast

  Breakfast out on the back deck.

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White Sangria (recipe)

A batch of fruit, cut up and soaked in a mixture of cognac and sugar for a while before having a bottle of white wine poured over it and drunk in a green, grassy backyard with a bunch of people … Continue reading

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on the road

  On the road, eating fruit out of a plastic flying saucer shaped tub while sitting in holiday traffic en route to a few days out of the bighothumidstickysidewalkedcity.  

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Rhubarb Water (recipe)

Rhubarb appears every spring, its green and pink stalks growing straight up out of the ground topped by crowns of ruffled, green (poisonous) leaves.  I’m late – it’s already the second day of July, and rhubarb is pretty much gone, … Continue reading

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Red Compote (recipe)

Maybe I’m partial to red, just possibly. I suppose the fact that red candies are often the first to go (think jelly beans or lollipops) illustrates the simple truth that red things generally tend to taste better – they’re juicier, … Continue reading

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