green tomatoes & plums & a tomato sandwich




Oh, hi. I just tripped into this space and found lots of cobwebs, as well as an unused post — one filled with juicy purples and greens from July — that has been dangling here, waiting. Being something of a pack rat, I hate to let anything go to waste.




I don’t remember what type of tomato this was, but it was stripey and heirloom something-or-other and despite it’s cloak, it didn’t taste especially green. It was firm and had crisp skin that snapped when bitten into and it was both astringent and sweet and made for a fine tomato sandwich. I just read somewhere that the classic children’s book Harriet the Spy — which was an especially favorite book of mine when I was a kid — was once banned, which left me flabbergasted. It was Harriet who taught me the joys of eating a tomato sandwich. And though I do not eat one every day, I think I very nearly could.




I’ve got loads of images from the summer that I am (finally) ready to dig out and write up. So, on that note I’ll find me some traction and get going. I hope you had a splendid summer — or winter, if you’re in that other hemisphere — and here’s to a happy equinox.

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2 Responses to green tomatoes & plums & a tomato sandwich

  1. Marnie says:

    Did you fry up any of those. My tomatoes are everywhere in my kitchen right now.

    • sonya says:

      hey marnie, no, i didn’t fry any — these weren’t true ‘green tomatoes’ (i.e. they weren’t unripe) – but heirlooms that are green when ripe. are you planning to fry up some of yours? so good!

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