a Mask


[whissk, whissk]. Hello! That’s just the sound of me taking a broom and dusting things off around here — sweeping the corners clean and airing out the joint. Once again, it’s been an eon (or two) since I’ve set foot on the premises…

I took these fotos on halloween — they seemed quite mask-like, almost like an ancient object made from hammered metal — gold, or bronze — decayed through many centuries worth of aging and built up with layers of decrepitude and patinas. The sort of mask a fierce warrior setting off across the ocean to battle enemies might wear. They are, instead, the frizzled edges of a fried egg that turned amber and golden and crispy beyond all recognition after sizzling in a pan of very hot oil.

IMG_2585             IMG_2588

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3 Responses to a Mask

  1. Tony says:

    Missed your posts!

  2. sonya says:

    Thanks, Tony and Gaby!

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