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Rhubarb Water (recipe)

Rhubarb appears every spring, its green and pink stalks growing straight up out of the ground topped by crowns of ruffled, green (poisonous) leaves.  I’m late – it’s already the second day of July, and rhubarb is pretty much gone, … Continue reading

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juicy juice

 I schlepped out the big guns today, the Acme Juicerator. This mammoth juicer takes up half my kitchen counter, but it is worth its heft, for it makes fast work of whatever vegetables (or fruit) are lurking about needing to … Continue reading

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Feeding a Cold, Part II: Ginger Tea & More

  Three days left in November, and just three more posts for this month’s NaBloPoMo challenge (well, two after this one). Whew. This month has gone by fast, super fast. In fact, the past several months have gone by very fast. … Continue reading

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Concord Grape Juice

  This morning I drank a glass of concord grape juice while standing under the vine from which it came. It looked like this in early September, before the grapes had been harvested (and half the harvest had been thieved … Continue reading

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Road Food

  I’m on the road today, which got me thinking about road food. Specifically, some of the food and drink I had at rest stops along highways in Europe last summer. These photos were made at average, run-of-the-mill rest stops, … Continue reading

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Street Food

I realize that the term ‘street food’ generally refers to food trucks and carts, but I’m talking about something I ate while walking around the city today, the Lower East Side of NYC. I passed the Doughnut Plant this afternoon and I … Continue reading

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cuppa coffee

I have loved coffee for as long as I can remember. The smell, the taste, the consistency of the liquid, the cup. As a little kid I recall asking for (and getting) a splash of coffee added to my glass … Continue reading

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