smashed toast



A favorite repast – smashed avocado on rye toast with arugula leaves on top. Two tones of green, two kinds of taste – buttery rich and sharp crisp.



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IMG_1933        IMG_1937

A small bowl of cool romaine and radicchio leaves with a little bit of crumbled feta on a sweltering afternoon.

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Trying to come up with a snazzy way to fix these fruits into something fanciful. The rhubarb was a surprise in this week’s CSA delivery. The currants and gooseberries were impulse purchases at the farmers’ market. Any recipe suggestions out there? I’m all ears.



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bowl of cherries

IMG_1862At a lovely summer cocktail party in a light-filled apartment overlooking the river (it felt like being in a colourful aerie, each room being filled with fanciful plumage), there was this bowl of cherries.

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Other Peoples’ Lunch

bunny lunch pail

I’ve been considering for some time the idea of doing a series about other peoples’ lunch – mainly people I am working with. I am always often interested in seeing and learning about the food that people bring to work for lunch – to talk about recipes and sources and flavors and such. Since I freelance and am constantly working with a different set of colleagues, I see lots of different lunches. Today I sat next to someone eating from this sweet little lunch pail. (She was hesitant about letting me look inside as she had assembled her lunch hastily and felt it didn’t look great, but she offered me a taste of her smoked tofu – it was delightful). More to come.

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Mom’s Chicken Soup



My mother’s chicken soup, seen as wallpaper. Good enough to eat all six bowls.

And to honor a request she made, below is a photo of the previously mentioned gold dust.




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Scallop Lunch




Lunch on the fly – I sauteed the scallops in a fry pan with a little oil and butter this morning, added some dried herbs de Provence and a sprinkle of vinegar and laid them over a pile of leftover quinoa and chopped escarole. Ate it at noon on the job site, in a room where everything and everyone sparkled with gold dust.






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Royal Tomato




Sitting pretty.

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Lunch on a summer Sunday spent working.

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Queens Ice

IMG_1787     IMG_1763

Just about all I can muster on a day like today in Hot Town is a tall glass filled with liquid and ice.

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