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Pine Mouth

To be filed under ‘bizarre afflictions’, I awoke recently to a cup of coffee that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Not thinking much of it, it wasn’t until that evening that I realized that everything I’d … Continue reading

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Follow-up Notes on Eggs & Ordering Oranges

  A couple of follow-up notes about things I mentioned in the past couple of days: A couple of people asked why vinegar is used to poach an egg. The acidity of the vinegar allows the egg white to coagulate, so … Continue reading

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Above is the sad image of no oranges (save the remaining crown of the stem). I actually do have one or two Page oranges left in the fridge, but I’m preparing for the inevitability of them being gone. As promised after yesterday’s … Continue reading

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A Page a Day

I’ve been eating one – or two – of these babies every day, ever since a box of them arrived on my doorstep. They are Page oranges, a recent discovery for me and an incredible addition to my citrus parade … Continue reading

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